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Johnson & Borenstein, LLC, Resolves Title Claims And Land Disputes Efficiently

Title issues and ownership disputes can lead to years of legal chaos and emotional stress. Johnson & Borenstein, LLC, focuses on streamlining your issues and resolving them quickly and clearly.

Our firm is uniquely situated to address these complex issues due to our attorneys’ decades of experience working in a variety of positions and with many different clients. Begin your path to a resolution by calling us at 978-503-0926.

Understanding Title Claims And Land Disputes

There are many reasons that title and land ownership issues arise. Many people only notice their title issues when they, or sometimes a neighbor, decide to develop, sell, or acquire a property. Common title issues include:

  • Property ownership – who owns what ? Determining proper title can be an issue when the original owner or the chain of ownership is unclear
  • Mortgages and other liens on property that prevent a sale
  • Encroachment over property which, over time, can cause claims of adverse ownership
  • Debates over property lines and boundaries
  • Access to land and to water
  • Missing or incorrect deeds or other conveyancing documents
  • Improper foreclosures

As we go through your legal case, our attorneys will explain the issues that arise and our tactics for resolving the problems.

Title Problems Only Get Worse Over Time

The longer you wait to address a title or ownership issue, the more time the problem has to grow. If you take a proactive stance today, your future self will thank you. Reach out to our office at 978-503-0926 or email us today and get your property issues under control.