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Level-Headed And Experienced Civil Litigation Representation

Civil disputes are a part of life, especially for individuals with businesses and property investments. But, resolving these issues in a time- and cost-effective manner is an invaluable asset. At Johnson & Borenstein, LLC, our team examines your case from every angle and focuses its efforts on finding the best possible strategies to achieve your goals.

Since 1986, Johnson & Borenstein, LLC, has been a strong advocate for our clients. We practice across the nation, and we succeed. Our firm treats your case as the unique situation it is. When you work with us, you can rest assured that your case is in good hands. Speak with our team today at 978-503-0926.

Our Civil Litigation Practice

At Johnson & Borenstein, LLC, our attorneys represent businesses and individuals in all stages of civil litigation. Our general litigation practice includes contract disputes, construction litigation, commercial collection, will contests, business disputes, and landlord/tenant issues. In these matters, our clients rely on us to provide knowledgeable, aggressive and cost-effective litigation strategies to present their case in the most effective manner.

We have a special focus on land-based civil litigation. This work includes an active title insurance defense practice, where we act as title-insurance provided counsel. These claims often involve the defense of mortgages, foreclosure proceedings and other lender security.

We also represent our clients in all aspects of real estate litigation, including boundary and survey contests, adverse possession claims, easement disputes, claims of heirship and missing interests, partition actions, title confirmations, and reformation of faulty or missing instruments. Our grounding in the basics of conveyancing and transactional practice, along with our significant experience in real estate-focused litigation, gives our attorneys an invaluable edge over opposing counsel in and out of the courtroom.

Reaching Our Attorneys Online

Johnson & Borenstein, LLC, is proud to offer service in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine and the District of Columbia. To schedule your consultation, complete our online intake form.