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Planning For the Future While You Still Have Time To Plan

Doing What Is Best For You

Everyone’s financial and family lives are different. From an individual who owns a house to someone with stakes in multiple businesses and investment properties, every client deserves a uniquely tailored estate plan that respects their wishes.

At Johnson & Borenstein, LLC, our attorneys work together to create a personalized plan for your estate, drawing on their vast experience and broad legal knowledge to develop a customized will or trust that serves your needs. We help you think creatively and find an arrangement that helps ensure your wishes are respected. This may mean:

  • Creating a family trust for your home or vacation property
  • Developing a business succession plan
  • Helping you name a guardian for your children
  • Determining what property can be in a will and what needs a more controlled distribution

When we begin, we ask vital questions and get to know who you are – not just as a client, but as a person whose values deserve respect. Then, we get to work.

Explore Your Options

Estate planning is a process. It takes time and consideration. Most importantly, effective planning requires you to know your options and to make informed decisions. Johnson & Borenstein, LLC, will guide you through your estate planning process. Call us at 978-475-4488 or email us. When we meet, you decide the priorities, and we seek to accomplish them